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Sun Aug 17, 2014

Revolution 2.3.1 Fixes phpThumb, Gravatar and More

Revolution 2.3.1 Fixes phpThumb, Gravatar and More

Today we released the first patch release for MODX Revolution 2.3. With 2.3.1 we have resolved a number of annoyances and bugs that were missed in pre-release testing. These include issues with thumbnailing and Extras that relied on it, Snippets and Plugins inserting 1s into views or filling the error log, restored Forgot Password functionality and much more.

About Revolution 2.3

Revolution 2.3 features a refined and updated MODX Manager with an all-new theme based on Peter Knight’s design. In 2.3, you can build and manage your sites faster in its user friendly and less intimidating workspace. Revolution 2.3 also introduces the überbar, which provides Manager users with global search within Resources, Elements and Users. Now, whatever you’re looking for is at your fingertips without having to touch your mouse.

We have tried our best to encourage Extras authors to make sure their Extras are compatible with 2.3, however, some may not have been tested. Before upgrading or starting a new project in Revolution 2.3, please review the list of Extras confirmed to work with 2.3.


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